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Electric Tankless Water Heater Pools/Spas 18k-24k
Electric Tankless Water Heater Pools/Spas 18k-24k

Electric Tankless Water Heater Pools/Spas 18k-24k

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MSRP is $1995 plus $55 shipping from our source. As an online dealer, we are able to offer you a savings off of this MSRP, and we include shipping. Don't be fooled by the low prices for tankless water heaters at big box stores. We hate to say it, but you will get what you pay for, and will likely be replacing it in a few years.

Tankless, Inc. electric Pool and Spa heaters have one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. Their heaters out perform other pool heaters, including solar pool heaters and maintain 84° to 89° F. One heater can be used for both Pool and Spa, saving the space and piping required for operation.

They are easily mounted to the wall, if desired and operate quietly. There is a Pressure control that shuts the heater off if there is no water in the pump, a time delay switch to stop fast on/off function and dry start, and a digital thermostat control to 105°.

Tankless, Inc.electric Pool and Spa heaters can be installed with any other heat source: gas, solar, or heat pump and costs less to install and operate,as well as being smaller in size than all competitors models. We have large kilowatt (KW) commercial heaters in 1 or 3 phases for up to 100,000 gallon pools in hotels and resorts. Please inquire with us directly to get specs/pricing information.

Tankless electric pool heaters outperform heat pump or solar heaters in the cooler months, when using a pool cover. Our swimming pool heaters are smaller, quieter, and there is no need to hide them with a wall orfence like a heat pump or gas unit.

Please Note:  Tankless water heaters routinely require high capacity electrical wiring and dedicated circuits as well as custom plumbing. As a result, please consult with your plumber and electrician before purchasing one of these tankless water heaters. Product returns are not permitted once the product has shipped, unless the product is proven to be defective.In addition, tankless pool & spa heaters have temperature regulators built in and are fused differently than home tankless water heaters in order to comply with Federal energy requirements.

Model SP-24 -4 - Requires Two 60 AMP Breakers @ 240 Volts & 3/4" Water Line For Input & Output
Our best seller, this pool heater uses copper heat exchangers with brass heads, and is available in all U.S zones, and uses up to 60% less space and is recommended for pools up to 24,000 gallons.

Minimum 125 AMP house electrical service recommended!Specifications:
Dimensions: 14.5”W x 19”H x 7.5”D (With Fittings)
For overall width, add 1.5”
Weight: 49 Lbs. Shipped
Material: Copper Exchanger
Box: White Aluminum Casing
Pipe Size: 3/4” Brass Female IPS
Voltage: 208/240 Single Phase
Max AMPs: 75 (2x60 AMP Double Throw 220 volt breakers)
BTU Output: 81,888
Wiring: 2-pair #8 copper wires with ground or larger (Refer to the National Electric Code)
Total of 5 Wires
Efficiency: 98.9%
Operating Range: 0-150 PSI
Protection: Dual Thermals and Fuses

All Tankless, Inc. water heaters come with a 5 year warranty on heat exchangers and a 2 year warranty on electrical parts (labor is not included) - every 5 - 7 years they recommend scheduling a service call with an electrician or plumber (Tankless, Inc. sells rebuild kits - $300 if out of warranty - and can send it to your electrician/plumber who will in turn change out the heating elements, the thermostats and contacts). They have customers still using the same tankless heater after 20 years – when proper maintenance has been practiced.